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About Us

Letters from the Cape evolved from our love of the beach, photography and Cape Cod. I’ve been visiting the Cape forever and am proud to say that I’ve never missed a summer in my lifetime! And once I married my husband, Chris, he was hooked by that salty air just as we all are! We’ve been fortunate enough to have our two kids, Greg and Emily, spend every summer here with us. We pack up our New Jersey house (literally) and head over the bridge to our summer place in South Orleans, remembering each time to put down the car windows to let our troubles out — a tradition my folks started when you had to actually roll down your windows.

We would spend the next two months in this magical place by the sea, becoming natives at heart and doing everything Cape Codders do and dreading that trip back over the bridge Labor Day weekend which involved keeping our windows up so as not to let our troubles back in!

We’ve taken thousands of photos over the years and a recent trip to Charleston inspired an interest in alphabet letter photography . We purchased alphabet letter photos as a gift for Emily. It was so obvious to us that we could do the same type of photography at the Cape and the possibilities would be endless. We began looking at the photos we had already taken, recognizing alphabet letters among those photographs. We began thinking of images we needed to capture. With this enthusiasm, Chris and I put our Letters from the Cape collection together. We hope these photographs bring you the enjoyment and the warm comfort of a lazy day by the sea, and allow you to create your own memory of the Cape or your favorite beach, no matter where you live.

Our photographs capture the essence of funky towns like Provincetown to charming seaside fishing villages like Chatham. The Cape is so rich in its natural beauty and architectural history; we have so many places to take our pictures. Whether you like walking on the beach, sightseeing by bicycle, flying a kite, watching a ball game, shopping for antiques, visiting an art gallery, kayaking in a marsh, collecting seashells, eating fried clams, savoring an ice cream cone, or simply enjoying a sunset you will find Letters from the Cape to capture your heart. We never stop taking pictures and because of the wonderful world of digital photography there is no end in sight. So check back from time to time, we promise—there will always be something new!



Sea Different


Imagine seeing an "H" in a beach fence, an "A" in a sail or an "I" in a sunset on Cape Cod Bay. We've photographed everyday objects in nature and architecture that resemble letters of the alphabet. Unlike other alphabet letter photographs, our pictures are taken only on Cape Cod and are taken exactly how they are found.

What's That Spell?


Whether you choose a first name or last name, initials or phrase, favorite beach or town, clam shack or bar, sports team or special word, the possibilities are endless. Each piece is your unique design, and one of a kind. Make one for yourself. Give one as a gift. Arrange your letters, be creative and let the fun begin!

We're Unique

It's a Cape thing... ONLY original Cape Cod photographs make up our alphabet letter collection!

For natives, summertime fans, off-season visitors and for all of those who have fallen in love with Olde Cape Cod...