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Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the letter photographs?
All photographs are 4"×6" portraits, printed on high quality paper at a professional lab that inspects and controls the color quality on every photograph.

How do I purchase my letter photographs?
You can find us at craft fairs and flea markets on the Cape as well as through the "Store" section of this website.

Are these original photographs?
Yes. All of the photographs have been taken by us on Cape Cod.

What color are the photographs available in?
Currently, photographs come in either sepia or black and white.

How is my order confirmed?
You will receive an email containing your order information.

How can I get answers to questions not answered here?
Email us at

Sea Different


Imagine seeing an "H" in a beach fence, an "A" in a sail or an "I" in a sunset on Cape Cod Bay. We've photographed everyday objects in nature and architecture that resemble letters of the alphabet. Unlike other alphabet letter photographs, our pictures are taken only on Cape Cod and are taken exactly how they are found.

What's That Spell?


Whether you choose a first name or last name, initials or phrase, favorite beach or town, clam shack or bar, sports team or special word, the possibilities are endless. Each piece is your unique design, and one of a kind. Make one for yourself. Give one as a gift. Arrange your letters, be creative and let the fun begin!

We're Unique

It's a Cape thing... ONLY original Cape Cod photographs make up our alphabet letter collection!

For natives, summertime fans, off-season visitors and for all of those who have fallen in love with Olde Cape Cod...